Living in UK


In terms of telecommunication, there are Pre paid options (also call Pay as you go) and Post paid (monthly rental plans) – several promotions offer free talk time across networks or on the same network and generally some handsets are included in the rental plan itself.

There are international calling card that offer cheap phone calls back home. Ensure you read the options and the fine prints before you sign up for any plans.

Medical care

As an international student, you, your spouse and any children who accompany you to the UK as your dependents, may be entitled to free or subsidized treatment under the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

For students in Scotland on a full-time course this benefit is offered regardless of the length of the course. Elsewhere in the UK, you will receive this benefit if your course lasts more than six months

To receive any kind of treatment through the NHS, you must be registered with a doctor or General Practitioner (GP).

GPs are doctors who are trained and experienced in diagnosing a wide range of health problems. If your school, college or university has a health centre, you may be able to register with a doctor there or they may be able to recommend a local doctor or GP.

Travel within the UK

Though the UK is small in size, each city and village has a lot of heritage and culture. There are regional variations too with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – each offering a different proposition.

The UK is well connected internally with public transport – it is recommended to your travel early to enjoy discounts.

There are special discounts for students too, so ensure you carry your college identity card with you at all times.

Public Libraries

In addition to the libraries at the universities and colleges, there are public libraries in each area where you can provide a proof of residence and identity proof and enroll. Enrollment is free of cost as well as borrowing of books, usage of internet is also free. There may be some charges for borrowing CDs and DVDs.

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