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Why Study in USA?

There are many reasons that students prefer to study in USA. The United States is the destination of choice for international students from India (and indeed around the World). It is no surprise considering that the US has thousands of accredited colleges and universities renowned for quality, numerous programs of study, and flexibility to change fields of study and schools.

The United States is an affordable destination for students as it offers a wide range of tuition and living costs. Whichever region you choose, you’re sure to find the right campus for you.

USA is a land of opportunities in more ways than one. If you are considering studying for a degree in USA there are options available to enroll on colleges with annual tuition fees as low as INR 9 lakh per annum. In addition Universities and higher education institutions offers means tested scholarship to deserving students.

USA is the home to some of the most popular companies – icons like Coca Cola, Amazon, Nike, Ford Motor, GM to tech giants like Google, Apple, Samsung – studying in the USA means that you are often close to getting placements or internships with some of the biggest and best brands in business. Whatever your field you are sure to find opportunities to work with and learn from the market leaders in that field.


This is a key part of the studying abroad route for any country.

When you first arrive on campus you will need a place to live while you look for permanent accommodations. Some schools/universities do provide temporary accommodation for International students.

If you have family or friends in the area you may choose to stay with them for a few days, while you look at evaluating different options. You can also check on homestay options.

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Living on campus

Most international students prefer on campus accommodation in their first year. This allows them to settle in easily in the University experience, as most on campus accommodation tends to include meals and cleaning facilities.

Renting an apartment/house

This will entail paying a deposit and then a monthly payout every month. It is preferred to opt for housing that is near the campus or is an easy commute.

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Living in United States of America

Way of Life

Most people who visit the USA, have a perception of the country based on what they have seen in the movies and TV soaps. And in most cases those perceptions are true. Americans do tend to be more informal (and may be on first name basis with the Professors – though its always good to check this before hand). Whilst casual clothing will get you everywhere, be careful to check some high end restaurants have a dress code (that is enforced) and also certain events call for formal dressing.

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Working in the USA

The USA does offer international students the option to work part time, this is not recommended to support your education, at best it can be a learning experience and give you a little bit of spending, but it cannot be your primary source of finance. Do not count on being able to scrape up the funding after you arrive in the US. Getting a job is not an effective means of financing an education in the US. In addition there are many restrictions on employment by foreign nationals, and some categories of visas prohibit it totally.

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USA Customs and Immigration

US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) is often perceived (wrongly) as a unfriendly department. However given the quantum of work they have to put through and the responsibilities it remains a professional outfit.
So in the interests of time and precision, you should ensure your answers are clear, concise and direct.

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