Why Study in Russia?

Often viewed by outsiders as an isolated country on the international stage, Russia is rapidly emerging as a destination for foreign students. Every year a huge number of students from everywhere throughout the world come to study in Russia to get prestigious, globally recognized and affordable education.

The country that produced Tolstoy’s War and Peace – an epic novel if ever there was one – is equally epic in its own dimensions.
Sprawling across two continents and spanning an incredible eleven time zones, Russia is the largest country in the world by far. Within its vast boundaries lie some of the most luxurious palaces, extensive plateaus, highest mountains, coldest cities, strongest vodkas, best ballet companies, and largest collections of stacking dolls.
Studying in Russia represents an opportunity to get to know one of the fastest developing countries worldwide – one of the BRIC nations (alongside Brazil, India and China).

Russia has more than 880 higher education institutes, and is investing heavily in making improvements to the system – Prime Minister Valdimir Putin has spoken about an ‘educational revolution’.

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Though Russia is rapidly emerging study destination for foreign students; other countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK too have friendly atmosphere, good universities to study abroad, working while studying and work after studies facilities. Click on the respective countries to know more.