Why Study in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a blend of diverse cultures and religions, where people of different origins live together in harmony and peace. The country has carved a reputation of being socially, economically and politically stable. Choosing study abroad in Mauritius for higher education destination is the ultimate key to a promising future. Mauritius is well on the way to establishing itself as a big player in the World for Education. There is tremendous effort from the local Government to make Mauritius The Knowledge Hub of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is also known for cleanliness, low crime rate, high quality of living and excellent public transport. It is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world as a result has highly developed hospitality industries.

Some of the other exciting reasons of studying in Mauritius:

  • Course fees start from US$ 1,500 only
  • Decent living standard costs from US$ 300 only
  • Pay Course Fee only after Visa
  • Permission to work part time (20 hours)
  • No IELTS of TOEFL Exams
  • No Visa Interviews
  • Courses available for every field
  • Job Opportunities and Global Exposure
  • Fast Track Visa

Some of the Universities/colleges that we represent include:

  • Dimensions International Education Group
  • Rushmore Business School
  • International Business School – Oceanic
  • Spherinity Training Institute

Any many more Universities and colleges, you can speak to our counselor if you don’t find your preferred choice on this list.

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Though Mauritius is going to be Knowledge Hub of Indian Ocean; other countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK too have friendly atmosphere, good universities to study abroad, working while studying and work after studies facilities. Click on the respective countries to know more.