Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland has a long history of welcoming international students going back more than a thousand years.

An education in Ireland is a transformational experience, which adds significant value to the personal development and economic potential of graduates and binds them to the global Irish family, a network which will continue to be open to them no matter where in the world they travel.
As a member of European Union, Ireland is renowned for attributes such as innovation, creativity and collaboration. All in all Ireland offers a remarkable student experience.

Irish universities rank impressively well at world level, and the country is understandably a popular choice for international students.
Higher education in Ireland consists of universities, specialist colleges (offering courses in a single subject area), and institutes of technology.
The latter do not just offer courses in technology subjects, but also a wide range of vocational programs, in subjects including hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, media, textiles, marketing, and many more.

Ireland’s seven public universities are all ranked within the world’s top 700 in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings, as is one of the 14 institutes of technology. Three make the top 200: Trinity College Dublin (TCD) at 67, University College Dublin (UCD), 131, and University College Cork, 190.
Ireland also has seven private-sector colleges, ranging in size from the tiny Burren College of Art, which has only about 200 students, to the huge Dublin Business School, which has a student community of about 9,000.

This varied selection of higher education institutes combines with historic cities, beautiful countryside and Ireland’s unique culture to make the country a highly attractive study destination.

Some of the Universities/colleges that we represent include:

  • University College Dublin, Dublin
  • University College Cork, Cork
  • National University of Ireland Maynooth, Maynooth
  • Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford
  • Dublin Business School, Dublin

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