Why Study in Germany?

Germany is a country characterized by variety. Trendy and modern Berlin can seem a world away from the more traditional and conservative Munich; the gleaming skyscrapers of Frankfurt form a stark contrast to quaint Heidelberg; if bustling and fast-paced Hamburg becomes too much, you can always retreat to the peaceful and picturesque Middle Rhine region.

Admission requirements

germany-collegeThe Admission requirements for Germany depends on few factors. If you have a European qualification, such as a baccalaureate or A-levels, then you will only need to prove you can speak German (unless you’re enrolling on a course taught in English) and can apply directly for a university level course.

If you are applying for a master’s program at an institution in Germany, you are required to be in possession of a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

The fees charged at German universities depend on where you are studying. Universities in most Länder (regions) don’t charge fees, but some do (Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hamburg – all which are home to popular universities); though at a maximum of €500 (around US$660) a semester, they are hardly the highest.

Therefore anyone with an international university degree/higher education qualification is generally permitted to study in Germany. However, the recognition of the qualification is linked to certain requirements.

If your international higher education entrance qualification does not directly qualify you for admission to study in Germany, you can participate in a preparatory course at a German university. This is where you, together with other international students, develop the technical and cultural requirements to successfully study in Germany.

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