Study engineering and related courses in Australia

If you are considering study in Australia you need to be aware that courses in Australia are categorised in to ‘Fields of education’, these are also called ‘Fields of study’. This is a classification system used by Australian higher education institutions when describing courses, specialisations and units of study.

Continuing our Study series are courses relating to study engineering in Australia.

Engineering and related technologies involves the study of the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and functioning of machines, systems and structures. It includes study of composition and processing of metals, foodstuffs and ceramics.

Typical course content in this domain includes:

  • Aeronautics
  • Engineering and manufacturing technology
  • Food technology
  • Land information technology and remote sensing
  • Materials science
  • Principles of design, drafting, planning and commissioning
  • Plant and machine maintenance

Students can enroll on Diploma in Planning Edith Cowan University, Advanced Diplomas courses at Chisholm Institute.

Degree courses are offered by Edith Cowan University, Canberra University, Queensland University of Technology, Central Queensland University, University of Ballarat, Deakin University, Curtin University of Technology and many more.

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