What are the different qualifications I can study for in Australia?

Australia has over 1,200 education institutions offering more than 22,000 courses.

Students are offered a wide varieties of qualifications from Diplomas to Associate Degree to Graduate degrees, it is useful to understand the different qualifications that a student can opt for while choosing to study in Australia.

Foundation studies

This is a 1-year program that can be regarded as a Pathway module.

Associate degree

This is a 2-year degree that can be enrolled on if the student has completed Year 12 or equivalent. The Associate Degree can be a pathway to a full bachelor degree. The course syllabus covers the basic theory and the macro overview of the field.

Bachelor Degree

This is a 3-year degree that can be enrolled on if the student has completed Year 12. It forms the basic qualification for entry to a field. Most employers look for graduates with a bachelor degree. The course syllabus is deeper than the Associate degree and prepares the student for the job market. The student can also enrol on a Post Graduate Masters upon the successful completion of the course.

Bachelor Degree (Honours)

This is a 4-year course, the additional year at the end of the Bachelor degree if the student has had excellent grades in the Bachelor degree program.
Graduate Certificate: These are 6 month courses that students can enrol for once they have completed the undergraduate degree to develop their knowledge in a new area.

Graduate Diploma

Students are required to complete a bachelor degree before they can enrol on this one year program. These are generally offered as part of specialisations to enable the student to become a highly skilled professional.
Master Degree: Most Australian Universities offer a 2-year Master’s program (however if the student has completed a Bachelors (Honours) then the duration is 1-year). The pre requisite is for the student to have completed either a Bachelors or Bachelors (Honours) degree.

Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is regarded by many as the pinnacle of academic learning. Doctoral degrees are typically 3 years in duration and can be enrolled upon after a student has completed their Master’s degree. Mainly the Doctoral Degree is a research program, though at times it can also include a bit of coursework. Students are expected to produce a substantial thesis showing their relationship between the matter that is being researched and their chosen field of study.

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