Living on USA campus Most international students prefer Living on campus in their first year. This allows them to settle in easily in the University experience, as most on campus accommodation tends to include meals and cleaning facilities.

Renting an apartment/house

This will entail paying a deposit and then a monthly payout every month. It is preferred to opt for housing that is near the campus or is an easy commute.
The rents will vary depending on the part of country and the options that are available.
Local newspapers, Internet and the campus housing office are a good source of rental options.

Here are some handy hints to consider when renting an apartment

– Does rent meet your budget
– Is the area a safe one
– If you are sharing a house then are you comfortable with the housemates
– Are there convenient amenities (supermarkets, ATMs)
– Are there safe leisure options (public gardens, etc)
– Is the area well connected by public transport to the college/university and to other parts
– What is included in the rent (some rents will include basic utility like electricity, water, gas charges)
– Will you be signing a contract? (if yes, then check for the various clauses, including the termination clause, right of eviction of landlord)


USA is a dream destination for students from around the world. In order to find out if studying int he US fits your budget.

You should consider:
– Tuition fee for the college/university (US$10,000 – US$ 25,000, variable)
– Living expenses US$5,000 – US$15,000
– Travel cost to the USA
– Clothing and other personal expenses US$ 2500 – US$ 7500
– Cost of additional family members who may be accompanying you
– Cost of travel within USA if you plan to travel around the country during holidays

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Though in USA you can get various living facilities, countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK too have friendly living atmosphere, good universities to study with good living facilities. Click on the respective countries to know more.