US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) is often perceived (wrongly) as a unfriendly department. However given the quantum of work they have to put through and the responsibilities it remains a professional outfit.

So in the interests of time and precision, you should ensure your answers are clear, concise and direct.

The US State Department web site is an excellent resource to read up on Immigration laws of the USA, however if you need specific advise on your immigration case – it is recommended that you speak or consult a qualified professional.

Just like Australia and New Zealand, USA forbid bringing in perishable food stuffs (fruit, vegetables, meat, etc) or plants. For prescription medication it is advisable to carry a signed letter from your Doctor, advising on the nature of the medicine and the method of delivery (tablet, syringe etc)

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Most of the students seems like  USA Customs and Immigration process unfriendly (actually not) but countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK have simply customs and immigration process, good universities to study abroad. Click on the respective countries to know more.