The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is likely to bring about ‘ache din’ for international students in Canada. Aimed at attracting more students to Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum said that, “the Liberal government is looking to ease some rules to make it easier for international students who have been “shortchanged” by Canada express entry to obtain permanent residency”.

Many international students have been calling on the Liberal government to give them extra points for post-secondary credentials obtained in Canada by making some changes to the system used to rank foreign nationals under express entry.

The minister stated that the federal government would work with provinces on ways to reform the points-based system. The reforms may include increasing the number of points an applicant for permanent residence gets simply by virtue of being an international student. Though the specific reforms are yet to be identified it is encouraging for the international students that at least the Government is thinking on these lines.

In addition the Government has introduced new bill, titled “An Act to amend the Citizenship Act”, which will reduce the number of days during which a person must have been physically present in Canada before applying for citizenship from four out of the previous six years to three out of the previous five.It also restores the 50 per cent credit for time spent in Canada by international students.

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