accommodation in new zealand

Accommodation in New Zealand

Halls of Residence / Student Hostels

This is the complete package, students are fully catered for whilst they board with their meals, cleaning and laundry being part of the services offered. Boarding house residents also have access to the school facilities to assist with study and social activities. These are usually located on the campus or nearby, with single or twin rooms. There are also “Self-Catering” hostels with ensuite rooms and a common kitchen. Typical costs for halls of residence are approx NZ $850 per month.

Home stay

Homestay are where the student lives with an New Zealand family in their house. Depending on the host some or all meals could be included. It is recommended to check with the University Housing Office for list of prospective home stays. Costs are about NZ$ 750 a month.

Private Rental / Shared housing

This is a standard rental accommodation and could be furnished or semi furnished. You will be required to sign a rental agreement, pay a deposit and a monthly rent. Costs will vary by location. You can choose to share this with other students. The rent will generally exclude all bills like power, water and other utility bills.

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Though in New Zealand you can get various facility of accommodation, countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK too have friendly atmosphere for living, good accommodation on affordable rates. Click on the respective countries to know more.