UK has a rich tradition of welcoming international students. Indian born students represent one of the biggest ethnic group in the UK. UK provides a multitude of living options to suit every taste and budget.

In the first year it is recommended that the students opt for on-campus accommodation or accommodation that is provided by the University or college.

Among the benefits of the accommodation on campus are that it is close to the University/Institution; it provides safe and secure environment; gives you an opportunity to get to know fellow students.

You can choose from traditional student residences that include meals and ensuite bathrooms or dormitory style rooms with common bath rooms. Colleges and universities also offer self-catering halls of residences or apartment blocks, these are generally less expensive compared to the services residences as they do not include food costs.

Costs for private flat shares can range from £250 – £500 a month, while studio rents can range from £400 – £600 a month, and apartments can range from £500 – £1000 a month. But these are subject to variations depending on whether you are in London or outside London. Living costs outside London tend to be lower by 20-40% compared to London.

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