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Accommodation in France

University Residences

Accommodation in France is generally managed by regional student-service agencies, known as CROUS. The residences may be located on campus or in town. Spaces are made available according to stringent social criteria.

CROUS residences are far and away the most affordable form of student housing.

On-campus housing at grandes écoles and private institutions

The grandes écoles and some private institutions maintain their own on-campus student residences.

These institutions make an effort to reserve housing for the international students they admit. Rents are generally between €250 and €350 per month.

For full information, consult the Web sites of the institutions you are considering. Reserve your room as soon as you receive your offer of admission.

Private Shared houses

Shared rentals, in which groups of students get together to rent a house or apartment, are becoming increasingly common. Such arrangements are often cheaper than individual rentals and may make it easier to meet French students and other international students.

Each participant in a shared rental is eligible to apply for housing assistance, provided his or her name appears on the rental contract.

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