In Australia as in most other countries almost all universities and colleges can provide accommodation on or near to their campus. University apartments, residential colleges and halls of residence are generally available.

Check with your institute it may be possible to have temporary accommodation organised for when you first arrive, so there will be time to look around and choose your permanent living arrangement after having personally perused the locations and choices available.

There could be a placement fee for the provision of accommodation, either temporary or permanent, which you will need to check with your education provider.
We would recommend that the students opt for a temporary accommodation first and then arrive in country and look at the various options (though depending on when you arrive choices may be limited).

All Universities, TAFE institutes and other large education providers have housing offices to assist their students find accommodation. They will be able to provide information on the full range of available housing options, including prices and any rules and regulations you need to know.

University/College accommodation options include:

University accommodation with full board
This is the complete package, students are fully catered for whilst they board with their meals, cleaning and laundry being part of the services offered. Boarding house residents also have access to the school facilities to assist with study and social activities. Boarding costs can range from AU$ 6,000 – AU$ 12,000 per year.
For an International student staying at the halls of residence is a enjoyable experience as you get to mix with students from other countries and/or courses. This is a preferred choice there are various budget options.

Halls of Residence
These are similar to the full board, but with a lesser range of services provided. Self catering options are available

University Apartments
Depending on location some universities also have a range of apartments, either close to or on campus. If you are on a multiyear course then this option can be considered in the later years. Because of the flexibility that they offer these are very popular options and generally get booked very early.

Home stays/Farm stays

In Australia the Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year. They check to ensure the standard of accommodation and the reputations of the owners.

Given the idyllic nature of the Australian country side ‘farmstay’ accommodation is another exciting option for students wishing to experience a farming lifestyle.

Home stay
Home stay are where the student lives with an Australian family in their house. Depending on the host some or all meals could be included. It is recommended to check with the University Housing Office for Costs can range from AU$ 5,000 – AU$ 12,500.

Private Shared Accommodation

Private flat shares are often advertised on college notice boards, housing offices or supermarkets and newspapers. These may be furnished or unfurnished apartments and generally will be self catering.

Private Rental Accommodation

This is a standard rental accommodation and could be furnished or semi furnished. You will be required to sign a rental agreement, pay a deposit and a monthly rent.

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