Accommodation facility USAAccommodation in USA is a key part of the studying abroad route for a country like USA.

When you first arrive on campus you will need a place to live while you look for permanent accommodations. Some schools/universities do provide temporary accommodation for International students.

If you have family or friends in the area you may choose to stay with them for a few days, while you look at evaluating different options. You can also check on home stay options.

Temporary accommodation options, include hotels, motels or even youth hostels. Youth hostels provide dormitory style accommodations, this could be bunk beds in large rooms. Costs will vary from US$10-US$40 for youth hostels and motels, while hotels could range from US$50 – US$150.

You can also choose to take membership of the International Youth Hostel Federation – the US branch is called Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels (HI-AYH).

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Though in USA offers variety of accommodation, countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia and UK too have friendly atmosphere for living, good accommodation facilities on affordable rates. Click on the respective countries to know more.